Essential Oils for Special Needs

Essential Oils for Special Needs

How to use Essential Oils to support your child with Special Needs

If Parenting is a journey, then parenting a child with special needs is an all-out EXPEDITION!

Sometimes we need to take the road less traveled to reach our destination and pull out special equipment to get the job done. I bet you already have a whole bag of tricks to reach for along the way.

Whether you are a new or veteran user of Essential Oils, this class will equip you with “Essential” knowledge and methods for any roadblock that obstructs your path along the way.

Learn how to use doTERRA Essential Oils and Supplements to support:

  • proper nutrition
  • digestion
  • detoxing
  • cellular health
  • brain health
  • muscles
  • concentration and focus
  • behavior issues
  • daily transitions
  • fear, nervousness, worry
  • anger or frstration
  • sadness or despair

Start here with your Essential Oils and Special Needs course. Be empowered with how to support your special needs child!

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